We’ll start by gathering information concerning your requirements & resource needs. We then provide you a quote for our 'Made to Measure' service.  Once you’re happy with our quote, an agreement is signed and our partnership commences. We usually review these annually.


If you are employing workers under PAYG then the next step is to obtain a PAYG withholding number (if you don’t have one already). We can help you do that.


Each package can be very different, but normally you would then provide us with all the necessary staff information by completing our employee details form. You will also need your staff to complete a tax declaration.


We will build your package and, depending on what is required of us, send you a template that just requires you to fill in the working hours for each staff member for each pay. Everything else is calculated automatically. You can then transfer the total monies shown on our template to our account.


Depending on the package, we will make the super and tax payments and pay the staff directly into their bank accounts. Normally we send the pay slips directly to each staff member.


If you are using our invoice payment service, then it's a simple matter of sending us the invoice, with your approval, and we will pay it into the bank account of the payee and email them a remittance.


We would suggest that a nominal amount of your funding (based on an agreed budgeted figure) is transferred to our holding account, so we might use this to pay your invoices or bills.

Indeed in some instances (for instance, if we were managing all your finances and acquittal processes) we would advise that your monthly or quarterly fund amounts are paid directly into our holding account.


All our processes are provided on a 'Made to Measure' basis, so give us a call about your requirements.


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