Made to Measure Services provides Australia wide payroll, bookkeeping and administration packaged solutions, specialising in Not-for-Profit organisations and those who wish to Self Direct, or manage, their disability government and/or private funding.


By freeing you of the burden of finanical management, we'll Help U Grow by giving you the time to develop the kind of life you wish to have for yourself, your family member, friend, or participants.


We also understand that we aren't dealing with businesses that have a full understanding of payroll and working with employees. Hence, we have the patience to realise you may make a mistake. We may still make a charge, depending on how much time it takes to fix up any mistakes, but everything can be fixed.
















Made to Measure Services is an approved provider to the NDIS - Approval No. 41457789


                  Made to Measure Services is a registered BAS agent - No. 28103009

Self direction support